Compilation & Listicle Videos

Looking to Top 10, Greatest Moments, or other types of videos where there are a specific number of topics to feature?

Subscribr supports the compilation (aka listicle) video format.

When creating a new script, select "Compilation / Listicle" as your video format.
You will then be able to list each of the items in your compilation.
Subscribr will create one section of the script focused on each item.

Note that you can also add some details when listing your items. For example if you wanted to list what you liked most about each, simply add those details in the same box.

Ex you could expand the boxes with more details like this:

Subscribr - Far and away the best scriptwriting tool (high quality)
ChatGPT - Free and easy but sounds robotic
VidIQ - Integrated with channel analytics, but worst overall scripts

The compilation item fields can handle quite a bit of text, so feel free to provide a good amount of detail about each item.

When providing background research using the Research page, Subscribr should be able to automatically match your provided research to the compilation items as long as you've provided enough detail in the compilation items fields for Subscribr to be able to understand the link.

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